Women and status

Speaking of women, there are many things that followed both the problems and the beauty behind it all. Women and everyday is an image of perfection that always wanted to accomplish. It is said that, because she always wanted to be the best after so good, in many ways, of course. Especially the problem of physical appearance, not only young and even middle-aged woman who had not even want to miss affairs concerning appearance.
Many differences between men and women adorn, especially the problem status.Certain women who are sensitive when asked the status issue, will certainly be a frightening specter when people incessantly ask about the status. Status here is mainly a problem or before a married woman. Irony is not it, when the affairs that one, is a private matter involving a person who only the woman herself who will feel it.
These case studies suggested that many women feel at risk when a settled question, "is married yet?" Or "when married?". For a certain woman does not become a problem, but many women who make these questions a problem, especially if it deals with age.
Life in a village in general, have a tradition that a woman who was a teenager (age at menstruation is already out, red), usually 15 years of age. In generally, in certain villages that age are obliged to get married on the grounds he or pamali taboo virgin baligh age was not married. In fact, they (villagers, red) did not hesitate to say that an unmarried at that age as Old Virgin. However, there are positive things that can be understood from a very early marriage is. Parents are very worried about the old days of adultery or a pregnancy outside of marriage. So no wonder parents in droves old married daughter who has reached adolescence.
Unlike the case, on life in the city in general, which might have minded a more modern society and the women even more than the career-minded focus on a very early marriage. Also, the things that parents feared the old days have been very ignored ie an association that is free, freesex example, has become a common practice. So that has become a common sight and can be found anywhere, when there are a couple who feel very happy with her children but without passing a bond of marriage. This is exactly, maybe that makes one trigger rate of HIV disease AIDS is increasing in Indonesia. Although it is not only free sex which can trigger the disease, but there are many other causes.
Back to the problem of the status of women, while women have reached the age of 25 years even more, may have reached the age of 40 years still has not been married.So back into the gossip age people in general, but if addressed wisely certainly the women with that age have a strong reason why he has not made marriage too. For example, still want to pursue a career, there is no fee for marriage, because marriage today is no longer the easy stuff, but has become an expensive item. To administer it only in the hundreds of thousands of dollars has not cost others. In addition, one common reason is the absence of prospective groom dreams. For that a marriage has not happened too, when talking about marriage must speak also issue the appropriate time specified the Creator when a woman will marry. So in fact anyone who questioned the status of these, usually the mempersalahkannya is society where the woman's shelter, impact also question the status of an issue for her, because it has repeatedly asked the same problems as a result of stress triggers mind these women.
What about his fate with a woman who has experienced marriage, but failed due to a case, a greeting was greeted them as widows. Regarding the greeting, usually a lot more negatives than positives, because a woman is more risky as the news hit that does not wear. Even the woman's behavior will be highly considered. Certainly not a desire when the woman becomes a widow. For that, go back into a scenario of God's affairs.
For the women discussed in this paper, patience is key, even though it was often to be patient, also a no less important is the horse wearing goggles to address the problem of the status of women. Regarding the questions that no end was, indeed something to do that people in general have never been satisfied before it reaches its climax. But life in the world would never reach its climax, because man will reach the climax of a life, when the man was not breathing anymore.

The phenomenon of Poverty and Policy People Create or whether Virtue Make the People?

Various sources say that the poverty rate is now declining. Is it true? The figures may be said to decline, or it could be that number only represents the poverty rate, which in fact poverty is still a common item. In fact, so usually no more attention to the depth of our Government. So what's so down?
Beginning new year 2011, the people struck back on a policy that he in fact is for people too. The policy is, from reduction of premium fuel and LPG prices are starting to crawl. As a result, the policy has not been implemented, but the scarcity premium is everywhere. In plain view, government policy has been the rebirth of people who are not responsible for stockpiling fuel is, of course with a variety of reasons, for personal and even to commercial.
Policies not only policy for the people of virtue, even righteousness becomes expensive to enjoy the people, let alone to get happiness from a government policy, the possibility of impossibility only gained the people. While today, the poverty of the people are only able to exploited in order to gain sympathy which aims. One example, the rise of television shows that try to present the poor as protagonists. As a result, very satisfying ratting television shows has increased. Just like when television stations are competing to present the show that smells mystical. Phenomena like that was the face of a State, but there are many great hope that people save for a State. Hope for a virtuous policy, not just writing or a statement of the ruler. After a fuel policy, especially policies that government will spend. Of course, with the full expectation that policy to the people of virtue is not virtue to the government, because the government felt it was too satisfied with his own virtue.
Being a big question mark when various problems arise, but the core problem is poverty, no wonder many people are willing to do anything because of the poor. In fact, many people also die in vain because of the poor. Is a reason, but are like that fact. Wealthy people who bring their pets due to illness, will be served faster than the poor who are not rich. Even poor people who tried to ask for justice, should be tried first. Meanwhile, our government is still not clear and loudly say the poverty rate has been reduced.

understanding of literature

Speaking problems Literature, as well as on the definition of literature, there are manystatements that interpret the notion of literature itself. One of them is a sense of literarycreation, a creation not primarily an imitation (Van Luxemburg: Introduction to LiteraryStudies) or mentioned that the literature is a spontaneous outburst. In this article, the authors tried also to interpret some of the understanding of literature. understanding of literature by the author is a series of aspirations that seek to convey it through variousmedia either written or in person. In essence, the work of literature itself in the presenthas to be created in such a way that it can become a work of a commercial. Just likea recipe creation, that works of literature now, which is different is a presentation ofliterature. Presentation of works of literature that is not followed by the liver will looklifeless. A work that only aim with an assessment of the material will be exhausted inhis time, like a fashion trend that comes and goes. Unlike the case with poets in ancient times, they wrote based on things and events that they experience directly orbased on observations that are directly involved blending and feel. Thus, the authorsinterpret the notion of literature itself. Thus,
depends on peer to peer interpret what the heck it ...??? LITERATURE
Literary forms such as:
Poems and Rhymes
Short Story
Fairy tales
and others.

Sebait Kata Untuk Suami

Menatapmu penuh harapan..Memelukmu saat terlelap. Indah senyummu,seindah kasih sayangmu..Sekuat penjagaanmu. Tetaplah di sampingku saat ku letih hadapi hidup yang penuh hingar bingar bisikan orang. Tetaplah mengecupku selembut nafasmu saat kau ikrarkan janji bersama.
Jalanlah seiring denganku menuju harapan kita..Gerbang kebahagiaan kita..dengan Rahman RahiimNYA.


Raab.. bantu aku tertatih saat hadapi fitrahMu, topang aku saat terkulai menerima taqdirMu. Ingatkan aku saat ku terbuai nikmatMu.

sebuah catatan untuk wanitaku juga aku

ini tentang aku, juga beberapa wanita yang mengisi hidupku. aku juga memang wanita, tapi tak ada salahnya aku mengagumi mereka. aku mulai dari diriku. aku hanyalah wanita yang punya banyak mimpi dan satu per satu mimpi itu pun menghampiriku, terkadang ku menangis ataupun tersenyum. "ah..itu biasa." masa kecilku penuh ejekan karena aku penyakitan. di kepalaku tak pernah diizinkan tumbuh rambut, karena darah selalu mengalir di kepalaku. terkadang ku diikat saat menjelang tidur karena tanganku tak mampu menahan rasa gatal di kepalaku. saat anak kecil seumurku bermain di lapang, aku hanya menatap mereka lewat buramnya kaca rumahku, kunaiki lemari ingin aku bermain dengan mereka. masa remaja datang aku masih penuh dengan ejekan bukan karena kepalaku..karena penyakitku entah kemana. mereka bilang aku hanyalah nak miskin, mereka bilang tak mungkin bisa jadi apa-apa, "paling tukang masak ejek mereka." tapi aku bilang, "aku ingin jadi presiden." dan mereka pun terbahak-bahak. "mana mungkin tukang masak jadi presiden." gunjing mereka. "ah biarlah." kataku aku pun tetap melangkah tak terbesit pun malu menghampiriku. aku tumbuh dewasa dengan penuh harapan, "emh, ternyata hidup memang bising." tapi biarlah ku jadi tuli biarlah ku jadi bisu terhadap kebisingan hidup. saat usiaku menjelang dewasa sekali..sungguh sangat bising hidup ini. "horee... aku lulus kuliah." orang tuaku hebat ya, berkat mereka aku bisa merasakan bergaul bersama-sama orang-orang yang banyak gaya juga banyak rasa. kebisingan itu kembali menyapaku, mereka bilang aku ketuaan "kapan nikah?" itu kata mereka.aku memang tak sekuat karang di lautan, aku pun sering tersungkur di atas sajadahku. saat orang-orang terbuai malam..aku pun hanya mampu mengharap pada penciptaku juga pencipta mereka, "huh...aku lelah." waktu selalu berlalu, hingga kini aku tak lagi sendiri ada suami terbaikku, "meski kadang kami membuat suasana yang beda di kamar tapi biarlah, biar kupeluk saja dia." aku kini, berusaha menjadi orang yang kata mereka "orang beneran." sejak kuliah aku sudah mulai mengajar anak tk, aku sih berharap gaji pertama aku nanti setidaknya bisa bantu bayar uang kuliah, "eh boro-boro, ternyata ga nyampe seperempat dari uang kuliah juga." aku cuma mampu ketawa sendiri," bukan berarti aku tak bersyukur..tapi kebutuhan yang menyeretku seperti itu. sampai sekarang aku masih mengajar, tapi di MI. MI itu sekolah yang sederajat dengan SD. aku juga lulusan MI lho, hanya muatan agamanya lebih banyak juga penerapan akhlaknya paling dominan. dulu orang-orang bilang kalau MI itu adalah sekolah orang-orang miskin, yang anak-anaknya itu kucel-kucel, "itu memang benar," teman-temanku dulu memang seperti itu, baju seragam sekolah putih yang menguning juga ingus-ingus kering yang menempel di pipi, "emh, bau amis," bahkan ada juga yang telinganya mengucurkan tintanya. tapi menurutku, MI sekarang beda,aku bangga ngajar di sana. "sudahlah, itu tentang karirku, sekarang masih tentangku, ternyata bisikan orang-orang masih belum selesai dan mereka pun bertanya, "kapan punya anak," emhhh, cape deh, kapan mereka berhenti. usia pernikahanku memang sudah menginjak 1 tahun lebih, tapi belum juga perutku membesar, "maksudku hamil,"
Tapi, biar ku slalu jadi tuli atas kebisingan hidup, entah lah aku merasa terasing di tengah-tengah keakraban hidup. namun, aku percaya bahwa hidup adalah rangkaian kehendakNYA yang satu persatu terjadi melalui waktu yang tepat. Untuk itu, kucoba tepis semua keasaanku. Selain itu, banyak waktu yang memaksaku untuk tahu lebih banyak kecurangan yang menghiasi perjalanan kehidupan. Salah satunya dari wanita yang tak sengaja ku temui karena profesiku sebagai seorang wartawan. Seorang wanita yang kuanggap tangguh di sela-sela usianya yang tak muda lagi. Keikutsertaanku dengannya ke banyak tempat juga berbagai masalah, membuat aku banyak mengenal kecurangan yang dilakukan para penguasa hukum. Aku merasa miris saat melihat seorang kakek atau nenek berada di balik jeruji besi menunggu palu hakim atas keputusannya. Wanitaku ini, mengenalkanku juga bahwa kejujuran sudah diperjual belikan, "Entahlah, dengan nasib si miskin," aku hanya bisa menghela nafas. Yang jelas dunia hukum merupakan lingkaran labirin, para pelalu kecurangan bertopeng atas nama hukum dan keadilan juga diselimuti para dasi yang menggantung dengan rapi. "Berjuanglah...wanitaku!"

this story dedicated for my husband; Yudi Adityo Nugroho, for the best women's my mom and my strong women, Maria Elskaliliasari.

Apa yang Bisa Kulakukan untuk Duniaku?

Untuk Duniaku..apa yang bisa kulakukan, sebatas pertanyaankah?atau hanya sebatas pernyataan. Mungkin hanya bisa berdecak, tertunduk, menggeliat atau apa? saat salu kulihat tiap hari orang-orang tergeletak di pinggir jalan, kakek nenek mondar mandir..compang camping penuh peluh keringat. Sedang anak-anak kecil juga bayi-bayi ikut terbakar mentari saat menengadahkan tangannya di setiap mobil yang terpaku lampu merah. Juga, orang-orang gila yang tak lelah mencari akalnya yang hilang meski entah ada dan tak pernah ada...

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